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FOI Counsel launches 2nd Quarter President’s Newsletter : Examining the impact of AI on Access, Service and Law Enforcement

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The relevance of e-governance goes beyond digitization of public records and receipts. The primary aim is to eliminate bureaucratic bottle neck and improve the quality of governance. No news that the workings of public governance has not kept pace with the rapid expansion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the private sector. Nigeria still suffer from archaic archive system and poor digital architecture. Currently, near autonomous defensive systems have been deployed by several countries to intercept inbound attacks. This pattern of warfare not only need budgetary heads for our defence financing but also research to design the template for material deployment. This edition is looking at the wherewithal for a technologically operated military theatre in Nigeria

This Edition also has the interview with the Chief Judge of Edo State, Hon. Justice Joe Itsebega Acha. The Honourable Chief Judge admitted that there is quasi financial autonomy of less than thirty percent in the state’s judiciary. According to the Chief Judge “We still apply to the governor for our needs. But I must confess that the Governor has been quite forthcoming and of great assistance to the Edo State Judiciary under my leadership”. This edition also revealed how Artificial Intelligence can be beneficial for access, service, law enforcement and measurement. It exploited the limit of AI which include practice licenses, machine knowledge boundary as well as its utilitarian advantage in terms of cost, brand and time.

The maiden edition of President’s Newsletter was in December 2022. The first edition theme was Open Justice. The work examined open data on law enforcement, funding of open justice, usability and legal framework. The first and second editions have season contribution from lawyers and development experts with hand on experience on the subjects. According to the editor in chief President Aigbokhan “there are competitive times in the legal industry ahead more than ever. Lawyers must prepare and support the use of technology for their client’s sake, to meet international standards and for overall sustainability. We thank our contributors for finding out time to pen down their thought. We also use this opportunity to announce our new call for papers in the 3rd edition of the newsletter with the theme Endangered Lawyers.”.

We are glad to inform development community particularly young lawyers of our call for papers in the 3rd edition of our newsletter. The theme is ENDANGERED LAWYERS. Lawyers are embarrassed, detained and killed by law enforcement agents. We want to talk about the story, experiences, lessons, cause and solutions. We call for submission of papers from experts or freelancers. Submission or enquiry can be made on

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