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Protecting Your Rights & Defending Your Freedom with Expert Legal Representation

FOI Counsel is dedicated to defending your rights. Our organization focuses on FOI, human rights, criminal defense, and land reforms. Trust us to be your fierce advocate and protect your rights.”

Protecting Your Rights, Defending Your Freedom with Expert Legal Representation

“Dedicated to defending your rights. Our law firm focuses on FOI, human rights, criminal defense, and land reforms. Trust us to be your fierce advocate and protect your rights.”

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Our Areas of Expertise

FOI Advocacy & Litigation

We focus on ensuring transparency and accountability in government processes. This includes challenging government agencies that have refused to disclose information and litigating on behalf of individuals and organizations seeking to obtain government-held information.

Human Rights Litigation

We protect the fundamental rights of individuals and groups who have been subjected to violations involving a wide range of issues such as discrimination, police brutality, and freedom of speech, among others, and seek to bring justice to those who have suffered harm through legal means.

Land reforms & rural development

We promote equitable access to land resources and support the sustainable growth of rural communities. This involves advising on land ownership and tenure, supporting land-based livelihoods, and advocating for policies and programs that support rural development and the rights of rural communities.

Research & Policy Advocacy

We drive positive change and justice through the research and analysis of laws and regulations. Our advocacy strategies shape policies for equitable outcomes. With a deep understanding of legal intricacies, we navigate complexities effectively, aiming to be a catalyst for transformative change.


See how we have made impact through public interest litigation & other projects over the years.

How Ernest received damages courtesy of RUDILAC & FOI Counsel after losing his arm at work

I met with Ernest Friday on the recommendation of Idede Osesky Oseyande. We discussed Ernest’s affair while he was in a coma at Irua Teaching Hospital (ISTH) . . .

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A 13-year-old boy who suffered electrocution gets damages courtesy of FOI Counsel NG

On the 16th day of April 2020, Emmanuel Ijeneme on his way to church was dragged by two high-tension networks and he was electrocuted. He consequently suffered severe burn wounds

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The President’s Newsletter – Nigeria Start-Up Act 2022

The Startup Act has been among the most awaited laws, after its introduction at the National Assembly in 2021. It establishes specialized requirements that will expressively improve the development of the startup ecosystem in Nigeria. The definition of startup combines the quality of innovation and technology to exclude a quasi-technology-driven system that powers the civic eco-system such as law firms. Find out why by downloading a free copy of the newsletter

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