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FOIA COUNSEL Executive Director President Aigbokhan has denounced the
killing of broadcaster Maxell Nashan in Adamawa on 15 January 2020 and called
for an investigation into this crime.
“I condemn the murder of Maxwell Nashan,” said the Executive Director. “I call on
the authorities to investigate this crime and ensure that attacks on journalists are
brought to trial in the interest of press freedom, the fundamental human right of
freedom of expression, and rule of law.”
Maxwell Nashan, a reporter and news presenter for the Federal Radio
Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN), was abducted on 15 January 2020 and died in
hospital on the same day after he was found unconscious and severely injured.
The journalist is reported to have received threats to his life.
FOIA Counsel promotes good governance through access to information
advocacy, capacity building and a range of actions. It also assist journalist to
enforce their right and defend their stand

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