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Freedom of Information Act 2011 – Nigeria

Access the Nigeria Freedom
of Information Act Document
of 2011 for free

1st edition of the President’s Newsletter

Get to know the current position of Nigerian law with regard to public access and open justice.

Nigeria Startup Act 2022: Are law firms startups or SMEs?

An overview of the 2022 Startup Act and why it excludes some organizations such as law firms.

The President’s Newsletter -Artificial Intelligence

Explore how AI can drastically improve citizens’ access to real-time information & how governments are using technology to be more transparent, accountable, and inclusive

The President’s Newsletter – Judicial Review

The 2nd edition of the President’s Newsletter presents an overview of Judicial Review, notice of denial, and reviewability. It also documents most of our FOI cases for review.

The President’s Newsletter – SPOMO Edition

Discover threats to the sustainability of the
peace in the Gulf & an extensive interview with the pioneer president of (SOAN) Engr. Greg Ogbeifun.